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The Blog/Website mrworkout.net was created on November 21, 2018 and has steadily been growing since. 

Mr.Workout is a page that focuses on fitness, working out, gym products, lifting, and everything that has to do with the gym and helping you become the best version of yourself you can be.

The fitness industry and world is full of misinformation.

The purpose of this blog/website is to provide beginners and veterans alike with quality and true information to help everyone along their path.

Mr.Workout pledges to provide this information to you for free!

Let us help you along your your path.

Mr.Workout would love to help you.

Help us help you by joining our community!

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About Me

My name's Alex Tholen and I'm the founder of Mr.Workout.net.

I'm 19, and have a passion for fitness, sports, health, food, lifting, and entrepreneurship.

I have 9 years of experience lifting and being in the gym and I am currently a college athlete playing soccer for USUE and am also competing in the UPSL with A-Stars.

I plan on going into the fitness field and majoring in business….or maybe something in the sciences…I'm still figuring it out…

I decided to combine my passion for lifting, entrepreneurship, and writing style to create Mr.Workout!

I have learned a lot in my 9 years of lifting and have a physique that shows it, but, I'm still learning new things about lifting and the fitness industry everyday!

Each article/post is crafted with love, passion, hard work, and sore fingers from typing.

I hope you find Mr.Workout useful and stick around for upcoming posts in the future!





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